Information On Abdominal Obesity and Health

Obesity is a problem that is very common among the people, and the main reason that is said for this problem is the change in their food habits. When the Body Mass Index of a person exceeds 30, then the person is said to have the obesity problem. Normally, the fat accumulation will happen in three places, and they are given below. In the first category of people, the fat might accumulate around the belly and not around the arms. Next, the fat will be accumulated in both the belly and arms. The final one category of people will have the fat accumulated around the thigh and hip. Usually, this abdominal obesity of a person will be known with the help of the body shape and by the girth measurement.

When it comes to the shape measurement, if the person is said to have an apple body shape, then it clearly states that the person accumulates more fat around the belly like the apple that is very wide in the middle. The next shape is the pear shape where the fat accumulation will be very thigh in the thigh and buttocks. Here the bottom area of the body will be looking very fat. Normally, men are said to possess apple shaped body whereas the women are known to have a pear shaped body. When a measurement is made around the waist, men having a measurement more than 40 inches and women having a measurement of 35 inches are said to have obesity problem and it’s time to lose weight.